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Creating value is the driver behind Argo Global Capital’s investment focus, which is why Argo adheres to stringent criteria to build a balanced portfolio.

Although our main focus is on the core value of the products or services being developed, our investment strategy also relies on key investment factors such as the quality of the management team, its expertise and experience, the market opportunity, the uniqueness of technology and the potential to benefit our Operator Partners.

Who we target

In this highly competitive environment, network operators must provide differentiated services and operate more efficiently, opening a world of opportunity for innovative companies addressing their needs.

Argo invests in companies providing products or services that enhance an operator’s ability to:

  • Differentiate their service offering by introducing innovative services;
  • Generate additional revenues by encouraging greater use of network resources;
  • Lower the overall cost to deliver services;
  • Facilitate entry into new markets.

Argo invests in companies at all stages of growth, from start-up through buyout and re-starts, with special emphasis on expansion stage financing.

Argo focuses on supporting the development of promising opportunities in the area of mobile commerce, transactions, entertainment, wireless portals, applications, etc. Argo invests in companies that are led by experienced management teams, respected in their fields.

Investment criteria

Argo seeks investments in companies offering products or services that address the needs of telecommunications operators, whether directly or indirectly, as they develop their business and offer new mobile services to customers.

Argo evaluates investment opportunities against standard investment criteria and due diligence procedures. Every investment is assessed using a consistent set of standards. Argo’s evaluation of investment opportunities focuses on the following areas:

  • Quality and breadth of management team;
  • Size and projected growth of target markets;
  • Ability to enhance or maintain a competitive advantage in target markets;
  • Risk/return profile;
  • Opportunities for liquidity;
  • Alignment of the objectives of the company’s management with those of Argo.

What we provide


A typical investment is initially in the range of $4 to $7 million with additional rounds bringing the average to between $8 and $12 million. As active value-added investors, we generally lead deals and sit on the Board of Directors of our portfolio companies.


  • Unique insight into telecommunications operators’ current requirements and future plans;
  • Opportunities for strategic partnerships with our industry partners and other portfolio companies;
  • Assistance in developing and implementing joint venture and other strategic opportunities;
  • Introductions to distribution channels in international markets;
  • Assistance in establishing offshore manufacturing and sourcing;
  • Assistance in identifying and executing acquisitions, mergers and partnerships;
  • Assistance in securing additional financing including any subsequent venture financing, bank debt, or initial public offering;
  • Assistance in identifying and recruiting key employees and board members;
  • Networking opportunities such as Argo’s annual meeting, attended by Argo’s operator partners, senior management of Argo portfolio companies and other key industry participants.