About Argo
Investment Strategy
  Argo Global Capital is a leading venture capital firm focused on investing in companies that are enabling the convergence of wireless communications and the Internet.

We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurial ventures achieve enduring success. Our unique relationship with telecommunications operators (our "Operator Partners") and industry partners on four continents provides us with relationships and knowledge that add real value and increase the odds of our portfolio companies achieving their goals.

Active Investment Management

Argo Global Capital takes an active role in helping portfolio companies achieve their business vision. Argo’s investment professionals contribute strong operational and technical backgrounds, and extensive experience in private equity investment and international business. The management team’s combined talents and contacts provide invaluable support to portfolio companies.

Privileged Access to Wireless Network Operators

With approximately one-third of its capital contributed by its Operator Partners , Argo has unique industry relationships that offer real value to portfolio companies. Through these relationships, portfolio companies benefit from insight into industry developments and market trends, as well as direct assistance in the form of technical support and access to customers. These relationships also offer portfolio companies access to high-level decision-makers within the firm’s Operator Partners to discuss joint technological, marketing, distribution and sales opportunities.